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Case Study: Successful Resolution of Google Ads Suspension for Biz Academy Limited

Challenge: Biz Academy Limited faced a sudden and critical challenge when their Google Ads account was suspended due to alleged policy violations under 'Circumventing Systems Policies'. This suspension posed a significant risk to their online marketing efforts and business operations.

Objective: The primary objective was to promptly address the Google Ads suspension, demonstrate compliance with Google's policies, and ensure the reinstatement of the account with minimal downtime.

Actions Taken by R.I.D.:

  1. Initial Assessment: Conducted a thorough analysis of the suspension notice and identified the claimed violations, specifically related to cloaking, policy violations, enforcement mechanisms, and compliance with Google Ads product features.

  2. Technical Audit and Compliance Check:

    • Utilized tools like Small SEO Tools Cloaking Checker and Google's Transparency Report to check for cloaking attempts and unsafe content. Results indicated no such issues, with findings attributed to standard web development practices like 'lazy loading'.
    • Performed malware checks using Sucuri which showed the site was free from malware.
  3. Direct Engagement with Google:

    • Collaborated with Google's Success teams to work through ad policy issues.
    • Submitted detailed explanations and evidence disproving alleged policy violations, emphasizing the client's commitment to compliance and rectifying any misunderstandings.
  4. Policy Violations Analysis and Addressal:

    • Examined the client's ad account for any potential or existing violations, taking proactive steps to resolve them in collaboration with Google's teams.


  • Swift Account Reinstatement: The suspension was lifted within just 5 hours after R.I.D. was notified, a testament to the effectiveness of the response strategy and the strength of the appeal submitted.
  • Policy Compliance: The client's account was found to be fully compliant with Google's policies, negating the claims of policy violations.
  • Client Satisfaction: Biz Academy Limited's Google Ads account was back on track, ensuring the continuation of their digital advertising efforts with no substantial setbacks.

Conclusion: This case exemplifies R.I.D.'s expertise in navigating complex Google Ads policies and our ability to efficiently resolve critical issues like account suspensions. By employing a meticulous approach, leveraging strong communication channels with Google, and ensuring thorough compliance checks, R.I.D. successfully safeguarded Biz Academy Limited's digital marketing interests.

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