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Overcoming Google Ads Suspension: Sharon's Triumph Through Technical Challenges

Expert Navigation through Google Ads Suspensions: Your R.I.D. Beacon

In the vast expanse of digital marketing, navigating the turbulent waters of Google Ads can be rewarding and challenging. And when faced with a suspension, even the most diligent of advertisers might feel adrift. But here's the silver lining: such setbacks can be transformed into learning opportunities with expertise and guidance. As you explore this page, you will discover a real-life narrative of overcoming suspension and unveil how R.I.D. stands as a beacon for businesses like yours, guiding you safely through the storm.

Google Ads Suspensions: An Opportunity in Disguise?

It's an experience no advertiser wishes for: seeing their well-intentioned campaigns halted due to a Google Ads suspension. However, these setbacks can be springboards for future success with the right approach. It's all about perspective, understanding, and expert guidance.

Sharon's Resilience: A Case Study

To truly grasp the nuances of navigating suspensions, we present the enlightening journey of Sharon. Passionate about promoting healthier lifestyles, she faced an unexpected hurdle when Google Ads suspended her account, all due to a genuine web development technique. Sharon's story, "Overcoming Google Ads Suspension: Sharon's Triumph Through Technical Challenges," isn't just about her challenges and triumphs. It's a testament to the power of expertise and collaboration in digital marketing.

[Delve deeper into Sharon's journey below.]

Why R.I.D. Is Your Best Ally

With the ever-evolving landscape of Google Ads policies, having a dedicated team that remains at the forefront of these changes is invaluable. Here's what R.I.D. offers:

  1. Holistic Account Assessments: Our first step is meticulously examining every facet of the suspension and its root causes.

  2. Strategic Appeals: With a rich blend of data and experience, our crafted appeals address the immediate issue and paint a bigger picture of your business’s commitment to policy adherence.

  3. Ongoing Mentorship: Our 'Click Collaborators' program ensures that you're not just tackling immediate issues but are empowered for future endeavors.

  4. Unmatched Expertise: Years in the digital marketing sphere have equipped us with insights into Google's intricate policies, ensuring your business always has a guiding hand.

Elevate Your Digital Marketing Game with R.I.D.

As you immerse yourself in Sharon's story and learn about her voyage, remember: every business can face challenges. But with R.I.D. by your side, these challenges morph into opportunities. Should you ever face the labyrinth of a Google Ads suspension or wish to fortify your campaigns preemptively, know that our team is here to illuminate your path.

Join us, delve into Sharon's narrative, and discover how R.I.D. becomes more than just a service - we're your partners in the intricate dance of digital marketing.





In the vast realm of online marketing, Google Ads is one of the most powerful business platforms. It provides an unparalleled reach, enabling advertisers to tap into a diverse audience. However, while its potency is undeniable, navigating Google Ads' intricate policies can be challenging, as Sharon, an affiliate marketer in the health sector, recently discovered.


Client Background:

Sharon, an enterprising affiliate marketer, aimed to promote health-focused products that cater to a healthier lifestyle. With an intention to reach a broad audience, she employed a combination of search campaigns with maximized clicks and video promotions on YouTube.


The Challenge:

Just as Sharon was gaining momentum in her advertising strategies, she faced an unexpected obstacle: Google Ads suspended her account for "circumventing system policy." The reason? Her website was in violation of Google Ads' Terms and Conditions due to the implementation of a web development technique known as a "lazy loader."

A lazy loader is a technique used to enhance the user experience by deferring the loading of certain elements, like images, until they become relevant in the viewing area. This often aids in quicker initial page loads, especially for websites with a significant number of high-quality images.


The Appeal Process:

Upon diving deeper into the account suspension, it was discerned that the lazy loader on Sharon's site triggered a false 'cloaking' flag within the Google system.

To combat this, an appeal was crafted and forwarded to Google, emphasizing the following points:

  • Necessity of the Lazy Loader: Sharon's site, given its rich visual content, relied on the lazy loader to maintain optimal page speeds. The appeal demonstrated this necessity by providing speed tests, contrasting results with and without the loader.

  • Clarifying the Misunderstanding: The appeal articulated how the lazy loader inadvertently signaled cloaking but was solely intended to enhance the user experience by maintaining site performance.

  • Added Verification Measures: To bolster the appeal's credibility, Sharon underwent Google's advertising verification process, ensuring her dedication to abide by the platform's guidelines.


The Outcome:

Within a week, a sigh of relief came Sharon's way; Google unsuspended her account, allowing her to resume her advertising endeavors. The appeal's clarity, evidence-backed arguments, and Sharon's proactive measures in verification were instrumental in this favorable outcome.


Post-Unsuspension Actions:

Sharon took a proactive step by joining the 'Click Collaborators program to ensure that she remains compliant with Google's ever-evolving guidelines. This partnership allows for continuous guidance and collaboration, ensuring a smoother journey in the Google Ads landscape.


Sharon's Testimonial 

Working with Google adverting can be very tricky. I was placed in Google jail while doing affiliate marketing, I had no idea what they found offensive; after being denied for countless appeals in 5 months with Google Ads, I called three advertised professionals for help. Two of them were a waste of time and did not care or want to take the time to help affiliate marketers. I met Randall , who represents RID. LLC from an online search, and I found the right person to help rectify this issue with Google. It's hard to find professionals who really care, want to do the right thing, and are extremely knowledgeable in their field. We are now choosing to partner with Randall and RID to help manage our advertising campaigns and navigate the complex rules of Google.



Sharon's journey underscores the intricate challenges digital marketers might face when working with platforms as complex as Google Ads. However, with a keen understanding of the platform's guidelines, coupled with proactive measures and continuous collaboration, navigating these challenges becomes a surmountable task. Her story serves as a testament to the importance of understanding, adapting, and overcoming in the digital marketing world.

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