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R.I.D. Helped a Retailer Get Back in the Google Ads Game

Client Background:

Our client was a small e-commerce business that sells handmade soap online. They had been running Google Ads for a few years, and had seen steady growth in their online sales as a result. However, one day they received a notification that their Google Ads account had been suspended due to a policy violation related to "Misrepresentation."


Misrepresentation policy violations are particularly challenging to resolve because they are subjective and require a detailed review of the website and ads to identify any issues. In this case, the client was not clear on what exactly was causing the suspension and had limited knowledge of Google Ads policies.


The R.I.D. team immediately began working on the case, starting with a thorough review of the client's account and website. We identified the potential issues and made the necessary changes to the ads and the website to ensure that they were in compliance with Google's policies.

Next, we conducted a comprehensive appeal process, submitting a detailed plan of action to Google that addressed the policy violations and provided evidence of the changes that had been made. We also included a detailed explanation of how the client's business operates and why they were not in violation of the policy.


After just a few days, we received confirmation that the client's Google Ads account had been unsuspended. They were thrilled to have their ads up and running again and see the traffic and sales coming back to their website.


Our ability to conduct a thorough account review and handle the appeal process with expertise and attention to detail allowed us to successfully regain access to our client's Google Ads account. Our approach, combining knowledge of Google Ads policies with a deep understanding of our client's business, allowed us to deliver exceptional results and exceed our client's expectations.

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