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Frequently Asked Questions

What is R.I.D.?

R.I.D. is a dedicated digital marketing agency focused on helping businesses reinstate suspended accounts on platforms like Amazon, Google, and other marketplaces.

How does R.I.D. assist in account reinstatement?

We deploy a team of experts who meticulously analyze your account suspension, devising a tailored appeal strategy aimed at reinstating your account. We ensure close collaboration throughout the process and offer continuous support to maintain your account's active status.

What is the time frame for reinstatement?

Generally, the reinstatement process spans 2-4 weeks, varying with each case's complexity.

Which marketplaces does R.I.D. cater to?

Our expertise lies in reinstating accounts on Amazon, Google, and various other marketplaces.

Is account reinstatement guaranteed?

While absolute reinstatement cannot be guaranteed, our high success rate underscores our commitment to tirelessly working towards your account's reinstatement.

What is the pricing for R.I.D. Services

Pricing is case-specific. Contact us for a personalized quote that suits your situation.