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Case Study: Resolving a Suspicious Payment Suspension for Matthew V at Auction-Loans.com

Case Study:

Resolving a Suspicious Payment Suspension for Matthew V at Auction-Loans.com

Client Background:

Matthew V owns Auction-Loans.com, an online platform that provides financing solutions for auction purchases. Matthew's business heavily relies on Google Ads to generate leads and drive traffic to his website.

However, his Google Ads account recently faced a suspension due to suspicious payment activity. This unexpected setback disrupted his online advertising efforts and hindered his ability to reach potential customers.


Matthew reached out to our team at R.I.D. for assistance in resolving the suspension and getting his Google Ads account reinstated. Unfortunately, the suspension not only impacted his ability to advertise effectively but also raised concerns about the legitimacy of his business in the eyes of potential customers.

Our Approach:

Thorough Account Review:

We reviewed Matthew's Google Ads account comprehensively, analyzing campaigns, ads, keywords, and payment information. This process helped us identify policy violations or suspicious activities that may have triggered the suspension.

Google Ads Account Review Service – R.I.D. (ridofmysuspension.com)

Root Cause Analysis:

Our team meticulously investigated the suspicious payment activity to understand its origin and develop an effective strategy for resolving the issue. We examined payment records, transaction history, and associated account details to gain insights into the nature of the problem.

Communication with Google:

Drawing upon our expertise in dealing with Google Ads suspensions, we proactively communicated with Google's support team. We collaborated closely with them, providing necessary documentation, explanations, and evidence to demonstrate the legitimacy of Matthew's business and address any concerns related to payment activity.

Appeal Submission and Account Review:

Matthew opted for our comprehensive appeal service to resolve the suspension, which included the account review process. He entrusted us with handling the appeal on his behalf, knowing that our team had the experience and knowledge to navigate the complex process effectively.

Suspicious Payment Activity Appeal Service for Google Ads Accounts – R.I.D. (ridofmysuspension.com)


Thanks to Matthew's trust in our services and his investment in the suspicious payment appeal, we successfully resolved his Google Ads suspension.

Our team conducted a thorough account review, identified and addressed the root cause of the suspension, and submitted a compelling appeal to Google. As a result, Matthew's Google Ads account was reinstated in 3 days, allowing him to resume his online advertising efforts and reach his target audience.

Matthew's Testimonial:

"R.I.D. played a crucial role in resolving my Google Ads account suspension. Their expertise and dedication were evident throughout the process. I appreciate their thorough account review and effective communication with Google, which resulted in the successful reinstatement of my account. My investment in their suspicious payment appeal service was well worth it. I highly recommend R.I.D. to anyone facing Google Ads suspensions."


At R.I.D., we understand businesses' challenges when dealing with Google Ads suspensions. Our case study with Matthew V and Auction-Loans.com demonstrates our commitment to helping clients overcome these obstacles and regain control over their online advertising efforts. Whether it's conducting an account review, submitting an appeal, or providing comprehensive solutions, we have the expertise to guide businesses toward successful reinstatement. So, if you're experiencing a Google Ads suspension or require digital marketing assistance, contact R.I.D. today to explore how we can help you achieve success.

We Prioritize Contacting You Within The Same Day! – R.I.D. (ridofmysuspension.com)

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