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Unraveling the Ad Suspension Maze: A Case Study on Unapology Comedy Rapid Recovery and Growth


Unapology Comedy, a stand-up comedy podcast featuring casual banter between host Judd Jones and various comedians, faced a major setback when their Google Ads account was suspended due to a payment issue. As a new venture aiming to grow its YouTube channel, having an active ad account was critical. This case study outlines how R.I.D. intervened, resolved the suspension in record time, and significantly boosted the podcast's growth through strategic Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management.

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The Challenge:

Suspicious payment activity, a common trigger for ad account suspensions on the Google Ads platform, stopped Unapology Comedy ad campaigns. A protective measure at the bank level had blocked the initial account charge, setting off Google's automated warning systems. Despite several rounds of communication with Google, the issue remained unresolved, leaving Unapologetic Comedy in limbo.

R.I.D.'s Proactive Resolution:

After understanding the gravity of the situation, R.I.D. undertook a comprehensive review of the client's Google account and the issues surrounding it. This involved validating all necessary information, verifying card details, checking the client's ID, and identifying the blocked payment as the core issue. R.I.D. used its extensive knowledge of Google's policies and its strong professional relationship with Google to escalate the issue. They presented a solid case stating that the suspension was an overreaction to a bank-level error and requested immediate resolution. Within just two days of this escalation, the ad account was back in action, a testament to R.I.D.'s robust problem-solving approach.

Growth Through PPC Management:

Following the successful account recovery, R.I.D. was entrusted with Unapology Comedy's PPC management. The results were remarkable: a 20% increase in the podcast's subscriber count in just a week. Videos promoted through PPC had an 80% or higher watch rate, received over 100k daily impressions, and maintained an impressive 11% click-through rate.

Impact and Business Success:

For Unapology Comedy, gaining new subscribers is pivotal to their business model, making Google Ads a crucial platform for their growth. With their ad account active once more and a successful PPC strategy, they witnessed a significant 20% rise in overall subscriptions. This rapid growth underscored the immediate benefit of R.I.D.'s intervention and set Unapology Comedy on a promising path for future success.


Client Testimonial:

We had literally just started our podcast on YouTube and on day 1 our Ad Account was unjustly suspended  due to suspicious activity, which had no justification.  After 5 weeks of hearing Google say they MAY get back to us in 7 days with clearly no end in sight we reached out to RID and within 3 days they had our account unsuspended and running Ads.   RID was on it within minutes of our call ending, they are very knowledgeable and an absolute joy to work with.   We would highly recommend their services - they know what they are doing for certain.   5 Gold Stars !


R.I.D.'s agile problem-solving, deep understanding of Google Ads' intricate policies, and a well-executed PPC management strategy turned the tables for Unapology Comedy. This case study is a shining example of R.I.D.'s commitment to helping businesses overcome their digital advertising challenges and set them up for sustained growth. Clients like Unapology Comedy can now focus on their main goal - creating engaging content for their growing audience.

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