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How R.I.D. Helped A Client Though A Circumventing Systems Policy Violation On Google Ads and Improve Performance


Mary, a small business owner running a Google Ads campaign


Mary's Google Ads account had been suspended due to a system policy violation, and she was struggling to get her account reinstated. Additionally, her campaign was not performing as well as she had hoped, and she was not seeing the results she needed to grow her business.


Mary contacted R.I.D., a digital marketing agency with expertise in Google Ads account management and reinstatement. The R.I.D. team conducted a thorough review of Mary's account and identified the policy violation that had caused the suspension. They developed a comprehensive plan to address the violation and worked closely with Mary to implement the necessary changes.

In addition, the R.I.D. team identified areas where Mary's campaign could be improved and implemented a range of tactics to optimize her ads, improve targeting, and increase click-through rates. They also developed new ad copy and creatives to better appeal to Mary's target audience.


Thanks to R.I.D.'s efforts, Mary's Google Ads account was successfully reinstated within two weeks. The improvements made to her campaign resulted in a 50% increase in click-through rates and a 25% increase in conversions. Mary was thrilled with the results and the level of support she received from the R.I.D. team.

Testimonial: "I was at my wit's end trying to get my Google Ads account reinstated after it was suspended due to circumventing systems policy. R.I.D. was recommended to me by a fellow business owner, and I'm so glad I reached out to them. They were able to quickly identify the issues with my account and develop a plan to address them. The team at R.I.D. was incredibly responsive and kept me updated throughout the entire process. Thanks to their help, my account was reinstated within a week, and my business was able to get back on track. I can't recommend R.I.D. enough for their expertise in circumventing system policies and getting accounts reinstated." - Mary, business owner.


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