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R.I.D. Saves the Day: How We Rescued an Account in 3 Days


A marketing agency with a client in need of account reinstatement for their suspended Google Ads account.


The marketing agency had been working on their client's Google Ads account for weeks but had been unable to resolve the issue of the account suspension. They were at risk of losing the client's business and needed a solution quickly.


The marketing agency turned to R.I.D., a digital marketing agency specializing in account reinstatement for Google Ads. The R.I.D. team reviewed the client's account and identified the root cause of the suspension. They developed a customized plan and worked around the clock to address the policy violations and submit an appeal to Google Ads.


Within three days of working with R.I.D., the client's Google Ads account was successfully reinstated. The marketing agency was able to maintain their client's business and avoid any further losses. They were extremely satisfied with R.I.D.'s services and have since recommended the agency to others in the industry.


"We were at a loss when our client's Google Ads account was suspended, and we had been working on it for weeks without any success. Turning to R.I.D. was the best decision we made. They took on the challenge, and in just three days, they were able to get the account reinstated. We were impressed by their expertise and dedication, and our client was thrilled with the results. We highly recommend R.I.D. to any agency or business in need of account reinstatement services." - Marketing agency.


Google Ads Suspension Services – R.I.D. (ridofmysuspension.com)

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